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Welcome to Amani Tiba.

I am Michael Tennant, your Licensed Massage Therapist. 

CT License #7774

           We believe that complete wellness is achieved by nurturing and sustaining balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Treating yourself to a regular massage is a wonderful way to nurture and love yourself.


Massage Therapy promotes:

•     Emotional Balance                            

•     Detoxification

•     Increased Energy

•     Improved Circulation

•     Improved Sleeping Patterns

•     Stress Reduction

•     Increased Productivity

•     Relaxation

•     Physical Healing

•     Improved Digestion

•     Improved Mobility

•     Pain Relief


We can help you unlock the secrets of your body's full potential.


It’s time to listen to what your body communicates, and put yourself first on a list of priorities at least for an hour. 


Give us a call and schedule a massage session today.


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